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Finesse was founded in 2015 by a team of experts who have been in food and beverage industry for more than fifteen years. Their leadership has helped many businesses to strengthen food safety systems, maximize profits and staff to acquire necessary skills to stay competitive.

Team Finesse comes from a sound academic background with food science and regulations, hospitality management and project management that led to possess extensive experience in working at high standard food facilities. Their foundation of global experience ranges from fast food and regulated food environments to fine dining. Hence Finesse is fully capable of handling any kind of challenge that your business faces in food industry.

Unlike most consultants who are inclined to give a certain type of consultation, we formed Finesse to give a new perspective to the term “consulting” by working with you to improve every sector of your business. We will analyze your business, determine problem areas and produce solutions to not just to make you survive but to thrive in your business.


Nuwan Tarin Gamhewa (Tarin) - Founder

Tarin began a career in a leading global fast food franchise in Nova Scotia with a focus on excelling in profitability, product quality, safety and managing human resources. Throughout his career, he expanded his exposure in the food sector by working at varying institutes such as multinational hotel chains, local restaurants and large scale multi-sector caterers in various continents from the Middle east, Asia to North America.

Tarin Joined Newrest Corporation in Toronto – a tailor made catering and food service solutions provider and number 1 industrial caterer in 49 countries in the aviation sector to head food production operations. After taking up as the director food-production he succeeded in making Toronto operations as the best performing food production division out of whole North America in terms of profitability, safety and quality. Within a duration of two years he not only achieved ISO 22002-2:2013, FSSC 22000, NSF certifications for the division also he led his team to bring down labor costs significantly and implement several high-tech solutions that resulted in getting most accurate details of inventories in rapidly changing environments. 

Tarin’s success story led to the idea of starting his own consulting business in order to help existing restaurants, startups, regulated or non-regulated food facilities and food importers. He’s highly enthusiastic about giving his knowledge to businesses to thrive in their own sectors.

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Finesse Restaurant & Food Consultants - Toronto Canada

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